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SAM 26 of California, United States, welcomes you to join us in participating in a Speed 400 Electric Postal Contest to be held on any single day you choose, September 1st through November 30, 2018.

We will fly the official SAM Speed 400 rules for the flight task, which is four attempts of three minute motor run and 15 minute max. The best two attempts will count. Your team score will consist of the three highest team member scores, in seconds, up to the 15 minute max. Even lone fliers are urged to participate, by contacting their nearest SAM chapter and joining with them in flying the event, in spirit at least, if not in location. Once you start the contest, please finish it, do not change to another day.

Rules as stated in the SAM 2015 rulebook concerning Speed 400 models will be followed, including the 16 ounce minimum weight and 6 volt Speed 400 motor type. Please consult the SAM website or rulebook for complete rules.

The motor required and a suitable electronic brushed speed control can be procured from several different sources. As an example, one source that stocks most everything one needs for this event, is MAXX products, The six volt motor is part number ACC341, a suitable ESC is part number MX9225, a suitable prop hub is part number ACC325. They also stock the APC SF propellor in 6x4 and 7x4 sizes that are often used for this event.

There are several sources for suitable models for the event. Bob Holman Plans ( is one such source, and Bob sells several different semi-kits of Speed 400 models, as well as a simple wooden Speed 400 motor mount.

The results should be e-mailed to Jim Wiseman of SAM 26 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by December 15, 2018 so he can tabulate the results and publish them in SAM SPEAKS. The results should be recorded as follows: Members name, Model, wing area, weight, and times of Flt 1, Flt 2, Flt 3, Flt 4 and total. Please list the results for all team members. The sum of the two highest times of the three highest scoring fliers will be the team score. Questions can be directed to Jim at the above email address.

Team managers are asked to comment on the weather and flight conditions and the date and location flown. Please include your SAM Chapter number and postal and e-mail address. Please dust off those old Speed 400 models or build a new one and join us!

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