Comet GULL Rubber Powered Endurance Model Plan Including Patterns.

A golden eagle carries a flying drone away during a training exercise.

JODEL D9 - Midwest Kit Plan Including Patterns.

Many modelers have full scale aircraft experience. Here’s a brief history of model building from one of them, Dave Harding.

Carl Goldberg with the configuration of rubber powered models which eventually displaces the Twin Pusher as the performance was much superior.

Chet Lanzo's Stick powered by a Brown Jr.

Here are two early adopters at the Mid Winter Electrics meet in San Diego in about 2002. These high powered were FAST.

Not all new electric powered airplanes use ducted fans, some just employ a multiplicity of electric driven propellers. This is the Advanced Aircraft Company's Greased Lightning development for the Defense Advanced Projects Agency, DARPA.

What a blast, doing this for a living! (Oh, wait, I did. Ed)

And then there is the Dark Side, even more and bigger Quads, well, what is Latin for eighteen?

Basic structure is a steel tube truss. Aerodynamic shaping adds stick stringers, often pine wood, covered with tissue... well, canvas actually.

Piasecki HRP-1, built right here in Morton Pa.

Art Chester RACER Scale U-Control Plan.

DeBolt Kit Plan for the LIVE WIRE REBEL.

 MINI QUAKER - Plan for a Micro Radio Control Version of an Old Classic.

Download a Back Issue - The First Air Trails Annual from 1938.


Guillow ENDURANCE FLYER Plan - A Rubber Powered Contest Model.

The CURTISS EXPORT FALCON - Rubber Scale Kit Plan From Dallaire.

Another Rubber Scale Design - The LYSANDER from Ontario Models.



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