A nice scale U-Control model of the Dave Long Midget Mustang by Cal Smith. A pretty airplane and a pretty model. Dave Long was chief engineer at Piper Aircraft and a fighter pilot during WWII. The airplane was scheduled for production until his untimely death.

Douglas Rolfe, a consummate aviation artist had a series of drawings in many issue of Air Trails. This historical look at the Stinson series of aircraft is from the September 1949 issue of Air Trails.

The well named K.C. Cutie by Bob Miller comes from the January 1952 issue of Air Trails. Rubber powered models have that extra “charm” and rubber powered biplanes have even more. Build one, you’ll like it.

From the July 1950 issue of Air Trails magazine comes this winner by Bob Bienenstein. His model won the Stout indoor Trophy in 1947 and the Mulvihill trophy twice.

Since we were looking through the July 1950 Air Trails for Bienenstein’s CHALLENGER we came across this cute little Stutz Bearcat model car by Alan Walters. Sure, it’s not a model airplane but it sure would make up into a nice display model.


And now a departure from Air Trails and a switch to RC Modeler for another of Ken Willard’s series of amphibians. The Pondhopper is intended for engines in the .35 to .40 range. I’ve always had a soft spot for amphibians and seaplanes and this looks like a good one.

The Pondhopper fills the "power gap" for all you enthusiasts who have a .35 or .40 and want to have the choice of runway or water take-offs.

Here’s another of Ken Willard’s series of amphibious models, this from the February 1976 issue of RC Modeler magazine.

Every old time modeler knows about Walt Musciano and his long line of U-Control scale models published in several different magazines. But not everyone knows about the rubber powered Bellanca Pacemaker that is reputed to be Musciano’s first design published by Scientific.

And now for something completely different. A flying wing rubber powered model from Megow. Mike Walker loaned us the kit and it was digitized back in 1997 according to my notes. Time sure slides by, hard to believe that was 20 years ago. I’ve been doing this for a long time.



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