FIXIT WRIGHT was a regular feature in the 1950's in Flying Models magazine. This one appeared in the December 1950 issue.

001213 - SAILWING. A mid 1940’s version of the Jasco Sailwing flying wing.

A lot of the secrets of making your own rubber model propellers are shown in article about taking the mystery out of propellers..

The Fierce Arrow, a U-Control flying wing stunter that for such a large wing, doesn’t need a humungous engine to haul it around the pattern.


000960 - MINIMOUSTANG plan is a Ken Willard plan from a kit, a nice small RC job that would be suitable for electric power.

Download the Autumn 1943 issue of THE FLYING JET.  An adventure story by Canfield Cook about Bob Terrell, American volunteer in the RAF during WWII.  This 200 page story occurs near the end of the war.  Bob's squadron uses the new hybrid fighter-bomber that has both propellor and jet engines.  Shooting down German buzz bombs is a lot more practical with the new faster jet plane.  A great read.  Free download for Subscribers.

There are probably not too many .15 powered U-Control models that can do the stunt pattern with the bigger ships. This one by Larry Scarinzi appeared in the June 1957 issue of Model Airplane News.


Download the June 1961 issue of AEROMODELLER.  Contains plans for a nice scale U-Control version of the Piper Comanche.  Brings back fond memories for your editor of when I worked at Piper and did design work on that airplane.

Paul Del Gatto designed this Jetex powered 24 inch scale model with movable control surfaces. It appeared in the June 1957 issue of Model Airplane News.


Have you ever seen a Lockheed Hercules doing a loop ?  -  Also a look at Aston-Martin's concept of a flying taxi.  Slick Videos worth watching.

Another design by Vic Smeed, this one from the December 1952 issue of Aeromodeller. A Mills ·75 c.c. was used for sport flying with the prototype, and it is recommended that an E.D. Bee is used for radio work.


004448 - POPSIE

Speed Gibson Flying Adventures on Radio. The first run of Speed Gibson--Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays--premiered on September 20, 1937.  Subscribers can listen to this radio series while building models.

DUCT TAPE. Never Leave Home Without It!! from Van Wilson.

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