We’ve got another batch of models for you this week starting with Bob Aberle’s NEAT INDOOR FLYER. Designed especially to allow Bob to fly at the indoor venue at the upcoming NEAT Fair which requires that all flyers build their own models.


A photo of Tom Hunt, hand launching the NEAT INDOOR FLYER. We don't have access to an indoor facility after March, so these first flights were made all outdoors. At one point we had 10 mph winds and the plane took it well.



000887 - Comet FIREFLY


 There isn't a lot of "Cheesecake" appearing in model magazines, with the possible exception of the old RC Modeler covers.  But this one of Bunny Talby, girlfriend of Fixit Wright, appeared in Flying Models for July 1957.

002167 - Aeronca CHIEF - FF Scale Design - Paul Lindberg.

002194 - Sterling RINGMASTER. Just about everyone who flew U-Control in the 1950’a and 1960’s built a Sterling RINGMASTER. If you still have the yen, the plans and full size parts here will allow you to relive those times.

003862 - Schmaedig FLYING STICK. The magazine download for last month was the April 1937 issue of Model Craftsman.

The first Barnes Story in this issue, Hawks of the Golden Crater is available for subscribers to read by clicking on the top RCMW Menu item “Adventure Stories”. The Bill Barnes magazine changed into Air Trails and even later to American Modeler - We hope you enjoy it!

The next in our series of monthly back issues of model airplane magazines available for download to subscribers. This month’s choice is the June 1967 issue of RC Modeler.



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