003856 Diesel Sportster - Bob Aberle

This photo shows the rectangular forward fuselage cross section at the point where the diamond shape begins and runs to the tail.

Flying was basically a pleasure. I can't wait for warmer and calmer weather to get the best out of this cute little sport/trainer aircraft.

Archive #003856 - DIESEL SPORTSTER

Archive #000007 - ZILCH X. Jim Saftig designed a whole series of U-
Control stunt ships of various sizes and with various names based on ZILCH. This one originally apeared in the February 1953 issue of Model Airplane News.

Archive #000301 - HEATH MIDWING. Half A powered scale model by Paul Plecan appeared in the December 1950 issue of Air Trails magazine.


 Archive #000388 - HALL RACER. Another Paul Plecan design, this time a control-line version of a racing airplane using hollowed out blocks for the fuselage.

Archive #001172 - AERONCA SEDAN. This is an early single channel RC model that appeared as a Midwest kit.

Archive #002001 - BUZZER. William Winter designed this neat little free flight model that he named BUZZER, probably because of the sound made by the little BUZZ CO2 motor. It appeared in the December 1948 issue of Air Trails and would also make a very nice little Micro RC ship.

Archive #002107 - STINSON RELIANT. Rubber powered scale free flight model is from one of a long line of designs by Megow's Models.

Archive #006532 - Peterson's CRUISAIR. Andrew Peterson designed and built this good looking free flight model to compete in the Nationals in 1939.



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