The FLYING DIAMOND, a modern take by Ken Willard on a 1920's design concept.


Download the adventure book from the 1930's by "Hap" Arnold, the third licensed military pilot who is considered the father of the US Air Force.

WILD GOOSE a U-Control stunt ship that is a canard, by Dick Sarpolus.

#035105 - WILD GOOSE.

Download the book - Cal Smith on Model Building in the late 1940's.

Easy to build and a nice Free Flight model FOKKER T2.

#035107 - FOKKER T2.

Back in 1931, when the book Model Aircraft Builder was published, modeling was becoming very popular but kits, engines and supplies were not as readily available as later on. Download this book.

A half size version of SCRAM from a 1977 magazine.

#002991 - HALF SIZE SCRAM.

Download the second Tailspin Tommy movie of the series, Sky Patrol, to watch while the glue or dope dries.

PUSHER a rubber powered ROG type indoor or small field ship of 13 inch span by Ed Lidgard.

#035108 - PUSHER.

An article by Cal Smith on a U-Control stunt version of Long's design.

#000286 LONG MIDGET.


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